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when people say nice things about you



me accepting the ice bucket challenge




"I want to pack up some bags and go somewhere far for a little while. I want to reach for the happiness around the corner. I want to play in the park and remember what it was like being a kid with no worries except for bruised knees and dirt on my clothes. I want to be in a new place and breathe in new air. I want to have a long conversation with a stranger who I’ll never meet again but will know stories about me. That way when I leave, I also leave parts of me there. I want to watch sappy movies and cry my eyes out, pretending they were because of that girl dying in the movie or because the family was re-united, and not because I was experiencing an emotional roller coaster in me. I want to hit pause on my troubles and click play on the good things. I want to fast-forward through the sadness, the pain, the worries, and the darkness. But I guess you have to sit down and live through everything because life is all about the journey, the in-between, and the stops along the way."
-(via nostalgicjoy)
"I like to feel his eyes on me when I look away."
-Before Sunrise, 1995 (via petrichour)